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Welcome to Roms dot Mobi WiKi!

Feel free to leave any notes about your mobile emulators and roms and lets try to build the best and most complete Emulation mobi site together!

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What roms can we expect to emulate on a cell phone?

  • GBA roms - Yes Gameboy Advance could be emulated.
  • SNES roms - Yes Already working emulators available.
  • N64 roms - Not with current generation phones.
  • PlayStation roms - same as above
  • NES roms - Fully emulated with good speed and sound.
  • MAME roms - Yes maybe the simplest ones
  • GameCube roms - Not this year.
  • Nintendo Wii roms - Not in this lifetime or the next.
  • PSX roms - About the same time as GC gets an emu.
  • Pokemon roms - Yes emulated with GB, GBC and NES roms.
  • Nintendo 64 roms - Maybe in next gen.
  • Free roms - Yep all games should be.
  • Nintendo DS roms - When phones get bigger we will.

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To the SiNARiTX mailto:[email protected] who vandalized the menu bar and claimed to have hacked our wiki - hitting the Edit button and pasting your name in there is not a hack ;) WiKi is built to be edited!

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