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Welcome to Roms dot Mobi WiKi!

Feel free to leave any notes about your mobile emulators and roms and lets try to build the best and most complete Emulation mobi site together!

To edit any page on this wiki just scroll down and find the EDIT button.

What roms can we expect to emulate on a cell phone?

The basic editing page describes how to create pages in Wiki.

Do to recent wave of vandalism on our wiki we have had to temporeraly implement user passwords. All users who request a password will receive one. Passwords are needed only for editing pages - not reading. And if you would like to leave us some feedback or post the latest news you can do that in roms mobi FORUM.

To the SiNARiTX mailto:[email protected] who vandalized the menu bar and claimed to have hacked our wiki - hitting the Edit button and pasting your name in there is not a hack ;) WiKi is built to be edited!

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