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The first and currently the only known emulation and roms news website for mobile cell phones. All about legal public domain and commercial nes roms, snes roms, mame roms, gba roms and Java emulators for phones.
gameboy Gameboy Roms Emulator.
snes roms SNES Roms Emulator.
nintendo rom Nintendo NES emulator.
Soon to come reviews and downloads of vNes vBoy vSun, MeBoy and mJavaBoy. WiKi Forum

What consoles can you expect to be emulated on a mobile phone?
GBA roms - Yes Gameboy Advance could be emulated.
SNES roms - Yes (vSun) working Super NES emulators already available.
N64 roms - No Nintendo 64 emulation. Not with current generation phones.
PlayStation roms - Same as above & PSX isos are too big for memory.
Gameboy Roms, GBC roms - Yes (vBoy, mJavaBoy) Gameboy games can be played on a phone.
NES roms - Nintendo 8bit is Fully emulated (vNes) with good speed and sound.
MAME roms - Yes maybe the simplest mame roms but not all and not Neo Geo.
GameCube roms - Not this year and GC isos are way too big for the cell.
Nintendo Wii roms - Not in this lifetime or the next. Big problems with input.
PSX roms - About the same time as GC roms get an emulator.
Pokemon emulator roms - Yes emulated with GB, GBC and NES roms. Android and iPhone.
Nintendo 64 roms - Maybe in next gen communicators but not now.
Free roms - Yep all games will be free if it is up to us.
Nintendo DS roms - When phones get bigger we will see.
3DS & DSi games - DSi cameras can be emulated, but cpu core not too soon.

nintedo wii virtual console

If you are building a mobi site for emulation or rom files please e-mail me to add it to the links directory. Contact e-mail is ROMS.**** (replace the * with mobi)

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gameboy emulator - game boy emus for pc mac linux ds. - download google mail client for mobile phones.
snes roms list Nokia 6233, 3230 HP iPAQ Pocket PC h6365 Samsung E720. LG Chocolate KG800 Nokia N95. Sony Ericsson K800i O2 Xda Atom Exec Dopod 838 Pro HP iPAQ rw6828 O2 Xda II Mini. Motorola V3 Razr Samsung D500 Sony Ericsson Z800i , K610i O2 Xda Stealth Motorola RAZR V3x Samsung D900 (Ultra Edition 12.9) Nokia N80 6280 6233 N73, Sony Ericsson K750i , W810i , K700i .

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